Eater Seattle


Eater Seattle is the ultimate destination for foodie news in the Emerald City. From January 2016 to December 2018, with the assistance of my associate editor, I published 2–4 entries per day covering food news, neighborhood guides, and dining maps. I also managed a group of freelance writers and photographers who contributed regularly to the site, and I maintained the popular website's Twitter and Facebook pages.

See all my work for Eater Seattle here.

Wine Enthusiast’s editors have one mission: to taste, enjoy, and communicate a love of the best wines, spirits, and food in the world to readers in a fresh and accessible way. For the magazine, I’ve written about how Idaho's unique climate makes the Northwestern state an ideal home for a wide array of grapes and ambitious producers who are pushing it to become a booming wine region.

Wine Enthusiast


The Takeout


The Takeout is a food and pop culture website from the folks who brought you The A.V. Club and The Onion. Based on a trip to Maulbronn Monastery, a 12-century marvel in Southern Germany, I wrote a travel and recipe feature on the charming history of Maultaschen, a German pasta dumpling filled with meat.

Travel and Words Conference

Board Member

Since August 2017, I've been a board member of Travel and Words, a Northwest travel and lifestyle writers' conference. At the 2018 conference in Yakima, WA, I answered writers' questions as part of two editors panels, alongside the likes of Spud Hilton and Kim Cooper Findling, and taught a workshop for experienced writers called The Ingredients of Culinary Writing: "Everybody dreams of being a restaurant critic, getting paid to opine about an endless array of dishes. But these opportunities are rare, and in the course of travel and lifestyle writing, it’s just as important to approach food from a journalist’s viewpoint. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to season your writing with evocative descriptions of food, break restaurant-industry scoops, and tell a good story that happens to involve food."



CIDERCRAFT is the first and only print publication dedicated to cider in North America. I’ve contributed a take on Maine's historical and contemporary cider landscape, including profiles of four cutting-edge producers, and I’ve recommended five spiced ciders to try throughout the country. For a couple years in a row, I’ve also rounded out the magazine’s year-end coverage, profiling four industry movers and shakers, compiling lists on topics like cider-focused restaurants, and helping judge the annual cider awards.



BeerAdvocate is America's premier beer magazine. My first feature was a profile of Maine's hottest young brewery. My second, for the magazine’s 10th anniversary issue, explored the growing trend of big companies opening small, experimental brewpubs or taprooms in busy neighborhoods. I’ve also written a beer guide to Portland, Maine, published to coincide with BeerAdvocate’s Beer Meets Wood event in Portland, and taken a look at the musical sensation Beer Choir.

Find all of my work for BeerAdvocate here.

SevenFifty Daily


SevenFifty Daily is an online magazine about the business and culture of the beverage alcohol industry. I wrote two features for the website launch, including a How To on opening a bar based on the experiences of two acclaimed Seattle bar owners and a report on the trend of tea cocktails in Seattle. I've also interviewed American and Canadian winegrowers about the challenges and benefits of obtaining organic certification for their vineyards, explored why brewers should be going to hop harvests, and investigated why American winemakers are increasingly replacing oak barrels with acacia wood barrels.

Read all of my work for SevenFifty Daily here.

Eater National

Contributor, the fast-paced parent site to Eater Seattle, tackles food topics from around the world. I sometimes fill in for regular news shifts; in addition, I write about trending issues for the Eater Reports team.

Sip Northwest


Sip Northwest is a quarterly magazine that showcases the wines, beers, spirits, and ciders of the Pacific Northwest. For my first feature, I interviewed chefs about how to cook with sake at home. My second contribution comprised tasting notes on six natural wines from the region. My third was a feature exploring with low-intervention winemakers the current state and possible future of natural wine in the area.

Seattle Refined


Seattle Refined is a hip lifestyle site tracking Pacific Northwest trends from food to fashion and entertainment to adventure. I’ve broken a news scoop about and explained the Seattle launch of Airbnb's Experiences program.

Portland Phoenix


The Portland Phoenix is Maine's alternative weekly. My semi-regular contributions to the paper included explorations of Maine dining trends, a round-up of the state's best winter delivery options, and an interview series called Deep Dish, in which I asked Portland chefs to share their favorite menu items from other local restaurants.

See more of my work for the Portland Phoenix here.

Eater Drinks


Eater Drinks launched in 2015 as a beverage-focused sibling site to I've contributed features on craft beer and Korea’s national rice beer, makgeolli.

Eater Maine


Eater Maine, now a retired site with occasional map updates, was the ultimate destination for foodie news in the Pine Tree State. From 2014 to 2016, I published 1–3 entries per day covering food news and dining guides and managed a group of freelance writers and photographers who contributed regularly to the site. I also maintained the website's Twitter and Facebook pages.

See all of my work for Eater Maine here.

Knack Factory


I helped Knack Factory, a small, Portland-based multimedia content production house, flex its editorial muscles, diving into Portland's barbershop culture, with photography by Knack Factory co-founder Zack Bowen.

  • Hot Dog and a Haircut (May 2015)