Senior editor, custom division, SagaCity Media; freelance writer and editor; former editor of Eater Seattle and Eater Maine; former training manager and tour guide for The Maine Brew Bus; Fulbright Germany alum; Cicerone-Certified Beer Server.

Writer. Editor. Translator. Educator.

I hail from South Portland, a sleepy hamlet in Maine (a sleepy state in northeast America). After stints in rural Pennsylvania and urban Germany, I returned to Portland, Maine, to cover the area's booming food and beverage scene. I now live in Seattle, where I'm a senior editor of custom publications for SagaCity Media, as well as a freelance writer, editor, translator, and educator.

Storytelling runs in my blood — I come from a line of writers and TV news anchors. Likewise, my German background has provided me the opportunity to live, work, and translate abroad.

My obsession with well-made beer began while I was living in Germany, and followed me back to the States in time for the rise of American craft. It's inspired me to study, create, teach, and write about all things fermented, cultured, and cured. If you’re interested in hiring me or pitching me an idea, check out some of my work and drop me a line.